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How To Play And Learn Chess For Beginners (Rules)

Chess for Beginners

When you first learn to play chess, the opening gambit is just to learn the moves of the different pieces, but the true depth of the game lies in its strategy, in thinking out many moves ahead, and predicting the movements your opponent will make in response. 

The Setup

First, you must set up the board. Place the white king on the white centermost white square in the back row of his side of the board. Place the black king directly opposite on the centermost black square of his back row. Put the queens on the other central square, and then place their cohorts in descending order along the back row, bishop next to king and queen, knight next to bishop, and rook on the outer squares. Now put your eight pawns across the second row. 

The Moves

Each player gets one move per turn. When you choose sides, white moves first. This is not always as great an advantage as you might think. Some players prefer to let their opponents advance first, and respond with an appropriate counter strategy. That, however, is for more advanced players. Let's just start with how the pieces move.


The pawns can take one step straight forward, two if they have yet to move in the game. They can only take another player's piece with a diagonal move of one space. If one of your pawns is lucky enough to reach the back row of your opponent, it becomes the queen, the most powerful piece in the game.


Queens can move in any direction, forward, backward, to either side, and in all four diagonal directions. She can also move as many spaces as she wants and take pieces with all of those moves. This makes her both powerful and valuable, so protect her as much as you can.


Bishops move in any diagonal direction as far as you want, and take pieces in those moves. That means they will always be on the same color square, so you have your white bishop and your black bishop. They are very useful to hide in the background and leap out for sudden strikes across the board.


Knights have the most complex moves. They move in an "L" pattern, two steps one way, then one step at any ninety degree angle. That could be two steps forward and one step to the right, or two steps to the left and one back. Any combination is available. The only piece a knight can take in that move is the piece it lands on. They are great for quick advances and probing your opponent's strategies.


Rooks move as many squares as you want in straight lines, forward, backwards, and to either side. They can take any piece with that move. This makes them very important for slipping through enemy defenses to their back row, especially if the opponent's king still hides back there.

And that is the whole goal of the game: to take the opponent's king. The king can move in any direction, but it can only move one space. It is your most important piece and the the key to winning, so you protect it all costs. The king even has a special move called "castling" to defend him. If he and a rook on your side have yet to move in the game, and if there are no pieces in between them, you can switch their places. 

Those are the basics. There is much more to learn. Have fun playing chess!


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Want to learn to cook? Subscribe To These 5 YouTube Channels (and why)

5 Best Cooking Channels On Youtube

Cooking is a skill that is useful and can be learned by anyone. Most traditional ways of learning how to properly cook are time consuming, which is a turn off for most people. However, with the ever-growing popularity of YouTube, it is now possible to learn how to cook simply by subscribing to channels and watching videos. Subscribe to these 5 channels to learn how to cook!

Laura In The Kitchen

If you want to learn how to cook a variety of both healthy and unhealthy foods, Laura in the Kitchen is a channel that you should definitely subscribe to. With over hundreds of videos already uploaded and at least two more videos being uploaded weekly, Laura in the Kitchen has more than enough recipes. One of the best reasons her show is so useful is that the videos tend to be rather quick, which makes watching them much more efficient than watching a normal cooking show.

BBQ Pit Boys

Cooking involves the use of a lot of tools and sometimes that includes a grill. BBQ Pit Boys is the channel to subscribe to if you are interested in all kinds of grilling recipes. Although some of the things they grill may seem weird, they are guaranteed to be tasty. 

With plenty of content, they have more than enough recipes for you to learn. BBQ Pit Boys are very descriptive in what to do when grilling and they are entertaining as well, making them a fantastic option for someone wanting to learn how to cook.


Out of all of the cooking channels available on YouTube, ByronTalbott might be the host with the most knowledge. Before deciding to start his own cooking channel, Byron Talbott worked with many legendary chefs, including Gordon Ramsay.

One of the best qualities about his channel is that the videos are extremely clear and concise, making them easy to follow. Most of his recipes are cheap too, so having a big budget isn't necessary!

Cooking With Dog

Cooking with Dog probably has the best set up out of all of the cooking channels. Each video consists of a Japanese cook showing you how to cook a delightful dish while her dog sits beside her. The dog narrates the recipe throughout the video.

Don't let the setup fool you into thinking that the videos on this channel are strictly for entertainment purposes. You can learn quite a few cooking tips from the mysterious Japanese chef. Her recipes, or should I say her dog's, are mostly Japanese based. Learning how to master another culture's food is an important step in becoming a well-rounded cook, and Cooking with Dog is the best way to accomplish that.

Food Wishes

It's important for you to have fun while you learn. The Food Wishes channel will ensure that you are entertained thanks to the wonderful personality of Chef John. 

On top of having a fantastic instructor, the recipes tend to be tasty and easy to complete. If you are just learning how to cook, it's hard to find a better starting point that Food Wishes.

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