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Whether you are personalizing a new home, or in need of a fresh space, this home décor blog will help you find amazing inspiration from places you probably never thought to look!

You know that saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure?" It is absolutely true! Some of the best places to look for home décor is in places where people are selling their old items. Your best options are:
  • Flea Markets
  • Swap Meets
  • Yard and Garage Sales
  • Thrift Stores

There are some amazing advantages to purchasing previously loved décor:
  • It's usually cheaper!
  • Vintage art and decorations are en vogue right now - plus they they often come with good stories and serve as conversation pieces!
  • Older furniture was built stronger to last longer than most newer furniture!
  • Recycling and repurposing is great for the environment!
  • It is a wonderful way to shop local and help out your community!

What about the home décor that you are not able to find used, or that you really do need new? The internet is a convenient resource with an amazing variety! If you are looking for unique items that bring pops of your personality to your home, https://digs-homegoods.com/ is the place to be!

Perhaps you are the type of person who really enjoys the convenience and style of mainstream modern decor retailers, like Costco, Ikea, Walmart, Big Lots, and Target for inspiration. Or Pier One, West Elm, and Restoration Hardware when you are able to splurge! Even with these well-known and easily accessible options, you can often score finds and deals online that are not available in-store, so always check! Sometimes, they offer the service of shipping to your nearest store for free. Signing up for rewards programs and sales alerts for businesses like these also helps you find the best value.

Always keep your decorator's eye open when you are out and about on non-décor-related errands. Some of your favorite items might just be waiting for you at grocery stores, hardware stores, and boutiques you didn't know existed next door to businesses you normally rush in and out of.

You do not typically think of purchasing home décor as travel souvenirs, but perhaps you should! Look for handmade and authentic items the next time you explore something new. One of my favorite things to do is buy items from where I travel. If you love Michigan, which is where I live and love the water, then you should check out Carved Lake Art for all kinds of nautical themed gifts like wall clocks, coffee tables all with topographical markings.
So travel decorating aside you get what you pay for. And sometimes its worth spending a bit extra for quality.  You can buy higher quality and cheaper than mass-produced souvenirs, and your loved ones are more likely to enjoy them for longer, they bring culture to your home, and visitors will love hearing the stories about where and how you found them!

Reading this home decor blog has probably made you quite anxious to get out there and transform your living space into a true home. Refer to it often to keep all of the great tips fresh in your mind!

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