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dig/s Very First SALE is ON! —Now 20 to 50% OFF — All Sale Items are In-stock (until sold out, of course) and will ship FREE!

The prices you see listed for an item are

BEFORE Your Discount

—At Checkout, use discount code digsxx ("digs20" "digs30" "digs40" or "digs50" depending on your item's Discount Collection)

—If you have items from more than one Discount Collection, to insure that you get your full savings, you will need to checkout separately for each different discount. It'll take you a minute or two extra, but you'll be happy you spent the time to save the MONEY!

Here are links to each Discount Collection. Check each for items you love at prices you will be glad to pay!:

20% OFF: use code at checkout: digs20

30% OFF: use code at checkout: digs30

40% OFF: use code at checkout: digs40

50% OFF: use code at checkout: digs50


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