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Fact: You Just Cannot have too many Apples! Wherein we explore another Apple Recipe

If you're in the northern parts of the US or southern areas of Canada, you are suddenly inundated with tens of Apple species all of which are Wonderful! It's impossible to eat all the apples you might want, unless of course you also use them to cook. As an example, my wife served a half of Hubbard squash for each of us. By adding brown sugar and sliced apples to the already delightful squash flavor she delivered an amazing treat. Try a sauté of Brussels Sprouts with garlic, butter and … yes! Apples. Amazing! Got a vege, meat, or salad to make? Apples have a place.
Below I've copied a recipe from our local Co-op. It's called Oryana and is a wonderful place to shop eat and meet people. If you're ever in Traverse City, you gotta stop in. And, IMHO, they serve the best Latté in the Region.
Okay, so here's the recipe - an autumn salad with of course, Apples, and Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) - which if you have not experienced, you will love - a nutty-sweet grain with a million (I counted them) uses. The Recipe Comes via Yummly. Yummly.com is the spot for recipes IMHO. Check this recipe and check Yummly.com.
Next post maybe I'll talk about different species of apple. My favorite (of those I've tried, of course) is Honey Crisp. I'd love to know what yours is.


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