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Figure Out Your Home Decor Style

If you are to search for “what is my home decor style?” on the internet, pages about quizzes that can help point out which type of home decor personality will pop up. While they may be helpful at some point, most of them do not coincide with each other and you end up getting confused with each quiz you take. It does not help that there are so many styles out there and finding the one that best fits you is quite a challenge.


But why bother knowing about what your home decor style is? Oh there are plenty of reasons but the topmost is that by knowing your style, you can easily transform your house into a home. You will not merely make a room into a living space but rather a room that speaks volumes about your personality. Not only will it make you happy to be living in your home but it will also attract good vibes from the people who visit you.


To make this task a bit easier, here are five steps to help you get started:


  1.       Research by walking around your area. Observe which houses you are drawn to. Take note of which style catches your attention most. Is it traditional looking? Or is it more of a modern style? Do you find a mix of both is more appealing? Liking traditional architecture would mean that furniture and decors in muted colors are more of your thing than the modern, eclectic  ones.


  1.       Imagine what your favorite vacation spot is like. If you find that you like to be in a tropical island where vibrant colors are a plenty, then you will most likely want to have the same vibrance in your home. Bold colors look inviting to you so items with such hues will get your attention most.


  1.       Get style inspirations from home decorating magazines. Although you can do so online with Pinterest, the physical act of tearing out pages that catches your fancy is more exciting. There is no room for over-thinking. Instead, tear as much as you want and compile the pages and flip through them later. You will notice how many of the pages seem to look alike and that is going to be the focal point of your style.


  1.       Observe your personal taste on clothes, cuisine, etc. These are hints of how  would you like to decorate your house. Perhaps you are more of the vintage- loving gal who is instantly drawn to antique pieces. Or if you are more of the modern-looking chic, then contemporary art will be more of your type.


  1.       After identifying things that you are most comfortable with, list down things that you don’t like. This will be your guide to stay clear from things that would never appeal to you. There will be times where you will become interested with something just because of trivial reasons like it being a popular piece. Having a reminder that it will never fit your dream home can do wonders in making you forget about buying it in an impulse.


These steps can help you figure out what you want for your home decor project. Aside from the assurance you get that you will have the best pieces that you will not regret having, you will save a lot of money because you only spend for things that you know and sure that you want to have. A home decor style that matches you simply radiates with vibrant joy especially when you can see that your effort in making the place look great have paid off .


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