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Funeral Books | Custom Made For Those Important Occasions Remembered

Dealing with Loss

No matter how modern the times have become, funerals have remained how they were years before. They are solemn, punctuated with sniffles, whispering, and even weeping. For the bereaved family, there are plenty of things to do. People to accommodate, paper works to settle, and all other errands that must be in completion before the interment. On top of their grief, they are still expected to hold their emotions together. No one can imagine how stressful it is unless one has suffered the same unfortunate life event.


Guest Book

To keep everything in order and manageable, a traditional funeral guest book can offer a lot of help. While it may seem to be a simple book containing the names of those who were with the grieving family. During the funeral and the burial, it also has a few more important roles.


Keep Track of Who To Thank

The first one is obvious. It can be used to keep track of who went and comforted the family. It is so difficult to remember who are present with the throng of people during the service. Some people choose to not bother with thank you cards a few days after the burial. Even though it is logical that they are still grieving, it is possible to forget guests if it will take a while. With a guest book, it will be so easy to send notes later on because you are not guessing who to send them to. Just check the register and the names are there including the addresses.



A funeral guest book can be upgraded. It can now be personalized so that it becomes more of a personal memento of the deceased rather than a plain register. The family can choose to include a prayer page at the start of the book. The rest of the pages can have life story, family history, funeral services information, notes, and photos. This customized funeral guest book will not only recount those who remembered the deceased until his last. It will also serve as a keepsake that celebrates his life, showcase the people who care, and as a tool to help the bereaved on the healing process.


Custom Made

The best thing is that these funeral books are so easy to create. You can either have it made with special instructions on the specifications. It can also be made by the family themselves. By using software that can collect the needed information and specifications. Then, get it printed by funeral professionals. There are even companies who offer to get it digitized. This means that aside from a printed copy, a digital copy that can be viewed online and downloaded for a soft copy will also be available.


For The Future

Dealing with death is a painful and long process. Having a funeral book can be one of the effective ways to help cope up with grief. Avoid making it too traditional by transforming it into a one-of-a-kind book of memories. This will not only let the family cherish the deceased members. But also let future generations know about their lives through the funeral book.


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