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Glass Containers

Today’s generation is keen on having a cleaner and greener environment. One of the simplest ways to be more friendly to Mother Earth is to give up plastic packaging which includes food containers.


Be BPA-Free

As for the kids’ health, parents often don’t realize the dangers of having plastic containers for their children’s foods. Reusable food containers are being labeled as BPA- free which makes them safe. Yet, most would agree that no matter how safe these containers claim to be. They seem to absorb some of the food odor. For example, tomato sauce. This can be also seen on clear plastic containers that become stained after several uses. And, this is enough reason to stay away from such food containers before the family’s health becomes compromised.


Glass Food Containers as a Safe Alternative

If you are on the lookout for a food container that does not release nor keep toxins, glass storage may be the best option for some reasons. First, glass is easier to clean and because they are clear. It is easier to distinguish whether the food is still good or otherwise, and it is easier to check if the container is clean or not before using it. This quality is good not only for OC moms but generally for everyone. Knowing that what you use to store food is clean lessens the worries and apprehensions about what the kids eat when they are not home.


 Microwave Safe

Another is that most glass containers are microwaveable. This is great for those who would like to have hot meals for lunch. There are plastic containers that are microwave- safe but you can never be too sure about them compared to glass containers.


Many Sizes

Moms also like how there are plenty of sizes to choose from among glass containers. The variety of sizes and shapes makes them versatile because you can choose which type of food to keep in them. For example, smaller sizes can have herbs, sauces, and condiments. While the bigger ones can hold sandwiches, pastas, or even complete meals.


 Last Long

Unless you don’t take care of it, glass containers last for so long. This is because they do not deteriorate like plastic. They don’t also rust like the metal containers. Modern ones are also made to be so durable that they don’t break even when dropped.



So the verdict whether to replace plastic for glass containers? Yes! The most important factor to consider here is the children’s safety, right? Other qualities like durability, versatility, etc. are only bonuses. The best thing about glass containers is that they do not harm the children. It does not release harmful chemicals to the food and it does not keep chemicals from the food. This is what all moms should consider especially those who have school-aged children. It is always a healthier option to send home-cooked meals or snacks that you prepared yourself rather than have the children eat junk food. But the key to making it work is to also make sure that the food-keeper is safe so that the kids can enjoy this effort.


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