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Health Benefits of Cold-Brewed Coffee

Cold brew coffee has exploded in popularity, often appearing on menus at trendy cafes and restaurants. Home coffee drinkers can also benefit from this alternative method of preparing coffee by using a home cold brew coffee maker to steep coffee grounds to produce cold brew coffee concentrate.

How is it made?

This method takes a bit longer than traditional coffee makers, with most experts recommending a soak in room temperature or cold water for 12 to 24 hours. The resulting cold brew concentrate is highly versatile and can be used to make either cold or hot coffee drinks, so cold brew coffee makers are actually multi-functional hot and cold coffee makers. Simply grind coffee beans on the finer side, and use a ratio of one part coffee to five parts cold water in your cold brew coffee maker. If you want your concentrate a bit stronger, just reduce the amount of water used. Leave the mixture to rest and brew overnight, and a batch of cold brew concentrate will be ready when you wake in the morning!

What are the benefits of cold brewed coffee?

Less Acid

Many coffee drinkers love the pick me up and taste of coffee, but have trouble managing all the acid. One of the major benefits of cold brewed coffee is that using cold or room temperature water for this method instead of hot water means that the process yields fewer acids and tannins, which are more easily released at higher temperatures. Slowing down the brewing means that the end result is easier on teeth and sensitive stomachs.

Smooth and Long Lasting Flavor

Coffee aficionados find that the cold brew process creates a smooth, mellow, and less bitter flavor, which can be a nice change in comparison to traditionally hot brewed coffee. One extra plus is that unlike hot coffee, the flavor of cold-brewed coffee is stable and does not degrade and become stale over time like cooling hot coffee. This means that you can use cold-brewed coffee concentrate over a period of many days without a significant loss of flavor!


Cold-brewed coffee concentrate can be kept for up to two weeks in a tightly closed mason jar or similar container. Not only is cold-brewed coffee concentrate great for making iced coffee, hot coffee can easily be produced by adding boiling water. This is great for households where both hot and cold coffee makers in the same family are living under one roof. Brewing up a big batch of cold-brew concentrate at the beginning of the week will take the hassle out of coffee preparation, and having cold-brew concentrate on hand will make it simple to quickly make any kind of coffee drink. For those who adore coffee flavor, the less acidic cold-brewed concentrate is perfect for adding a hint of coffee to recipes for baked goods, marinades, sauces, cocktails, and ice cream.

Superior Iced Coffee

Iced coffee addicts will be particularly impressed with cold-brewed iced coffee because the reduction in acid means that more flavor of the bean can shine in an iced coffee beverage. Many professional coffee chains have switched to cold-brewed iced coffee particularly for this reason. However, perfect iced coffee results can be had at home with the help of a cold brew coffee maker, which could mean big savings on buying iced drinks from expensive coffee chains.
Want to cold brew your own coffee? Pick up these cold brew coffee jars and start enjoying the health benefits of cold brewed coffee! Still prefer to have the option to do both hot and cold coffee? Check out our post on "4 Best Coffee Maker Types".
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