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Home Décor Ideas to Make a Room Look Fresh

 Who doesn’t want to have a fresh- looking home? If you are one of those people who love to take the summer indoors, then these easy and cheap home décor DIY projects are specially chosen for you.


The following are just few tips on how to make home décor with a summer theme:


  1.      Choose a theme. The summer theme is so broad. Narrow it down by focusing on a single summer inspired something that will be the striking feature of your décor. For example, do you want to concentrate of having a beach inspired home? Then make decors using shells, sand, and stones as they instantly give that nostalgic feeling of being in the beach.


  1.      Get inspired by having a first-hand experience. If it is during the summer season, take some time off and go to the beach. The trip will instantly lift your soul up making you excited and ready to make summer- inspired crafts. However, if all you have are summer memories, then travel back in time by relaxing and meditating on those thoughts. Remember how sunny the days were, how fun it was being on the beach, how lovely it was seeing the colors of summer. Even this nostalgic trip to memory lane is enough to inspire you to recreate summer at home.


  1.      Find inspiration from DIY sites. Ever heard of Pinterest? If not, it’s time to explore this wonderful site of DIY and crafts compilations. You only need to make a search for a specific craft, like “summer home décor” and it will show you thumbnails of everything related to your search. Be prepared for the hundreds of creative ways to make summer home décor. These are actually links to the site where you can see the full instructions for the DIY idea.


  1.      Use materials that are readily found at home. It can be mason jars, cereal box, stones, and bottles, anything that can be up cycled to turn into pretty home decors. Consider it as a challenge to spend no more than a dollar for each project to truly achieve a frugal (and environment- friendly) approach of decorating the house.



  1.      Make it a family activity. Have fun making the decors with the whole family. It is one way to bond with your husband and kids. They may even have ideas too about what to make. This simple activity will not only produce nice home decors but will let you create fun memories in making them.


These steps on how to make home décor that speaks of summer fun are so simple to follow and creating one-of-a-kind pieces can be achieved in minutes. Summer is all about holidays and relaxing with family.  The summery touches on your home décor will help you achieve that summertime mindset. They will instantly make you think of sunshine, watermelon, boats, and the sandy beach.  Summer is almost here so get a good head start by making your home summer- ready with summer inspired home decors.


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