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How To Cook With A Japanese Indoor Grill

Grilling is perhaps mankind's favorite food centered activity, and yet many do not possess the outdoor space to achieve this charred perfection. If lack of space doesn't stand in your way, perhaps building rules and regulations prohibit your grilling adventures. In any case, a solution does exist for renters and homeowners alike that will delight your guests with the smoky, savory taste of a grilled meal.

A Japanese indoor grill is the perfect solution for bringing grilled food preparation into the home. Known to chefs and consumers alike in the Western hemisphere as hibachi; the Japanese indoor grill delivers exceptional flavor to proteins and vegetables with its concentrated heat. Largely constructed of highly conductive stainless steel, the cook top surface of hibachis provide concentrated intense heat for the perfect sear. 


Different Types of Grills

Most models of Japanese indoor grills made for using in the home are powered by electricity. Less commonly found are indoor hibachi grills fueled with propane or natural gas. There are many options for the indoor grill enthusiast when choosing the right hibachi grill.

Grated topped hibachis allow the user to adjust the height of the cooking surface either moving your food closer the the heat or further away. This precise control is beneficial when grilling proteins. For example, bone-in proteins will take longer to cook through and may require a longer period of concentrated heat until they are safe to eat. Boneless proteins and thinner cuts will require a shorter cooking time to preserve moisture content.

Using a grate top hibachi indoors offer smokeless grilling. With these models, the heat is traveling upwards toward your food and not downwards onto the counter or tabletop surface ensuring efficient grilling. Food grilled on a grate top hibachi will have the iconic grill marks just as outdoor charcoal and gas fueled model do.

Flat top indoor hibachi grills are more similar to the style of grilling that is quintessential to Japanese-American restaurant chains. The main difference being size. Indoor hibachi on a flat top or griddle goes far beyond stir frying. These surfaces pack a punch with extremely consistent high cooking heat. The solid surface allows for an entire meal to be prepared at the same time. Lastly, the smooth surface cleans up quickly.

Corrugated topped hibachi grills are a step in between the traditional grate top and the modern flat top. The corrugated top on these models gives food the iconic grill stripes and provides an easy to clean surface. Meals cooked on this type of hibachi sear on highly conductive, non-stick metal surfaces delivering quality to your plate.


Using Your Grill

  • Power on according to manufacturer's instructions
  • Ensure that you are using your grill in a ventilated area
  • Place marinated and or seasoned protein on the grill first
  • Vegetables should follow
  • Watch your items to ensure they are cooked through
  • When food is cooked, remove from grill and enjoy

Once you have completed your first indoor hibachi grilling experience, pause for just a moment and pat yourself on the back. Cleaning up is simple with an indoor hibachi. In order to ensure safety, utilize the manufacturer's cleaning instructions and store as suggested.


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