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How To Get Your Child To Drink All Natural Fruit Infused Drinks

Most of us are aware of the health benefits of fresh juices over their artificial counterparts. Fresh juices are usually lower in sugar and packed with far more nutrients, thus making them the best option for not only us, but also for our children.
Getting proper nutrition to toddlers, particularly when they are young and need it most, is crucial towards their development and will also help establish strong building blocks for them to follow throughout their adult lives. Healthy toddlers are more likely to grow into healthy adults.
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Here are just a few pointers to help teach your child to accept, and in fact even prefer, fresh juices over artificial or canned alternatives.

1. Introduce fruits at a young age. Even if your child is not yet accepting enough to eat what you are putting in front of them, it doesn't hurt to let your child familiarize themselves with new fruits by playing with them. Although it could get messy, allowing your child to explore all of the different colors and textures of fresh fruit will keep them interested. Make fruits a staple in your house. Most children will find at least a few options they enjoy.

2. Take your toddler to the market to shop for their own fruit. Children love to feel included. They love to feel like they are establishing their independence by making their own choices. So next time you are off to the market, let your little one do the picking. Point out a couple of options and ask them which one they would prefer. You can't go wrong with apples, oranges and mostly any type of berry. These are all great foundations for natural fruit infused drinks. Each time you go shopping, introduce your child to a few new options. Let them know when you get home, you are going to make your own drinks using their choices. One of the best ways to incorporate fresh fruit and fruit juices into your child's drink is by way of a fruit infuser, specifically designed with your child in mind.

3. Let your child add their own fruit. Just as importantly, let your child see you get excited about the process of making a fresh fruit juice drink. Enthusiasm is key and early on, the more the better. Ensuring your child feels as involved in the in the process as possible will make most children more inclined to want to drink their own creation. Seeing you excited about the creation process will have them looking forward to experimenting along with you.

Remember to let your child become acquainted with fruits early on. If you happen to have a fussy eater who just doesn't seem to enjoy the texture of fruits or just can't find anything they like, get creative. Try cutting fruit in different shapes or freezing it for a short while first. Some children absolutely love frozen berries or apple slices and these can just as easily be added to your child's drinking water if you are using an infuser. Check out silicone bottle fruit infuser that will help making your dreams a reality.

Getting proper nutrition to toddlers early on is important in order to ensure you have a healthy child. Healthy toddlers will be armed with the knowledge they will need to decide what is best for them without much of a second thought as they move through the subsequent stages of their lives.
Infusing your child's drinking water with natural fruits will provide them with a healthy alternative to unnatural, sugar-filled blends that lack the abundance of nutrients provided by fresh fruit. So go ahead and have some fun introducing your little one to the benefits of healthy hydration. Shop Your Kitchen Section to find great deals on everything to deck out your kitchen.
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