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If you haven't seen Queen Liz with 11 US Presidents, ya' gotta!

Many have already seen this but it's such an awesome testament to longevity, survival,  and sheer Royal-ness that I won't no Body to miss it. Most of you know that the Queen has turned 90(!) – and looks mahvelous – ["Dahling, I have to tell you something. And I don't say this to everybody. You look mahvelous!"]. BUT, did you know that she ascended to the Throne when she was a mere 18 years old! So, she's reigned for 72 Years! (My keyboard may run out of "!" soon.) Hence, 11 of our Presidents have had the opportunity to meet Her Highness! Only one Pres. (Lyndon Johnson (LBJ)) did not meet her. So, we have to go back to 1952 and President Harry S. Truman to view the first pic of Elizabeth with a Pres.

Many/most of you are too young to even know that there was a President named "Harry"; to me that's the fascinating piece – that it takes The Old Guy and my contemps to have lived long enough to have "known" Harry S. Truman, but Liz was there! Actually, I believe Harry was there; that is, in England, to meet her. So, that's the setup and below are the pics that prove the incredible and long reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Oh, and BTW, QE has now reigned longer than Queen Victoria and so holds the record for British Monarchs – and we are here to see it. Historical and very coolcool!

The queen she's a pretty nice gal, I think I'll maker mine. The Beatles








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