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Some special Housewares pricing for Thanksgiving and beyond

First, Thank you for helping get dig's up and going! While slow at first, business has picked up incrementally week to week. Now looking forward to some healthy Holiday sales!

First (humorus) Note: CNET had an article on techniques for intaking as much food as humanly possible during the Turkey Day feast. Yes, they had their tongue deep in their cheek, but my first thought was "who needs help with that"? I may post a pic of myself with what will likely look like a bowling ball or water mellon in my gut. Then again, no. I embarrass myself more often than I should as it is!

So, on to savings and savings codes: (in no particular order)

1. RoseB20OFF and RoseB20OFFDB. Wonderful specialty pans can have many uses so check them out. They are very well made and will last a life-time. http://bit.ly/2ftplhA and http://bit.ly/2ftsNsp

2. DOGTREAT Take 35% off and already reduced price for the Amazing, Fun Furbo. Give you pup treats and attention from far away, from wherever there's Internet. http://bit.ly/2gmeoD3

3. MOREPOP In my opinion, nothing is better than popcorn in front of the TV and no one makes it better than Wabash Valley Farm's Whirley Pop in Stainless Steel. Get it with a bag of the makings - includes the corn, the oil and the topping - PLUS 2 additional making kits at no cost! http://bit.ly/2ftrrxL

4. FOLLOW10 Just follow me on facebook.com/yourdigs1 or sign up for emails for news about food, health and product and sometime just crazy stuff. 

5. 25OFF2 Buy 2 of the very cool Swiss Tech 20 in 1 cycling tool kit. Any serious cyclist will love it. Only 3" long x 1 1/2" wide when folded and made of high quality Stainless Steel tool heads in an aluminum surround. http://bit.ly/2gmkfbl

6. ZoN40 Gets you 40% off any and all ZoN Fitness and exercise equipment including Step Platform, Stabilizer Balls, Wrist and Forearm strengthener, Deluxe Digital Pedometer, Deluxe Ab Kit, and Pilates Stretch Bands. http://bit.ly/2ftOhWh

All of these products are all new, first quality and of course qualify for my 45 day return and FREE Shipping!

And stay tuned for more good-value deals.


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