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Ultimate Lawn Games (Boccee Ball, Ladder Ball, Bean bag toss) and why we love lawn games

Everything You Need to Know About Three Popular Lawn Games

Summer is officially here, and it's time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Lawn games have been around for years and provide a safe, easy way to entertain a whole group of people, no matter what their ages are. This article will go over three of the most popular lawn games and how to play them. They will provide hours of fun all summer long. 

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball has been around for decades. You can have up to eight people per game, on teams of one, two, or four. You get a set number of balls depending on how many people are on a team. A team of one has four balls, a team of two has two balls, and a team of four gets one ball each. When you set up your bocce ball game, you set up a four-foot line, a ten-foot line, and a center line. There should be a four and ten-foot line on each side of the center line. There is jack that you toss and the objective is to get it over the center line, but not further than the four-foot line. After the jack is in position, the teams alternate throwing the bocce ball. You want to get it as close to the jack as possible, or to move your opponent's ball further away. You score by having your ball closest to the jack at the end of the round, and the game is played until 12 points are reached.


Ladder Ball

Ladder ball is a lawn game that can be played with up to four people per game. You set up the ladder, and each team gets a bola. You stand fifteen feet away from the ladder and toss the bola. The object is to get your bola to wrapped around one of the three ladder rungs. The top rung is worth three points, the second rung is worth two points, and the final rung is worth one point. You must throw the bolas in groups of three before the next player can go. The object is to be the first team to get to 21 points.


Bean Bag Toss

This game is played by teams of two to four per game, up to eight people. You set two platforms up with a hole in the end and then stand a predetermined distance back. There are two different colors of bean bags, and each team gets a color. The object is to get your bean bag into the other team's platform. Any bag that goes through the hole is worth three points, and any bag left on the board is worth one point. You want to be the first team to get to 21 to win, and you have to get exactly to 21. If you go over, you have to wait for your next turn to try for 21 points. 

Lawn games are important for family or friends to be able to bond and have fun. They provide an easy way to entertain a group of people, and they allow you to get outside into the gorgeous summer weather. They're versatile, and they can be used almost anywhere, with two or more people.


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Health Benefits of Dehydrating Foods For Storage and Use

The art of dehydrating foods dates back many thousands of years. It has persisted over the ages, and its popularity is well-deserved. Dehydrating foods is one of the very best methods for preserving food and making it portable. Here are some compelling health benefits of dehydrating foods that will convince you to give a dehydrator a permanent home in your kitchen.

Dehydrated foods contain all of their original nutrients.

Virtually all of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds remain in a food when you dehydrate it. By contrast, cooking a food rather than drying it can destroy some of its nutrients and enzymes. Dehydrating is a great way to preserve food, give it a longer shelf life, and make it more portable while keeping it just as nutritious as the original. This is the ultimate health benefit over other, less nutritious snack foods out there.

Dehydrated foods can make healthy replacements for sweets and candy.

When a food is dehydrated, the lost water content causes the flavor of the food to be more prominent. This means that dehydrated fruits are tasty and extra-sweet. If you like to snack on sweet things, consider making a switch to dehydrated fruit slices. They are just as sweet and delicious, while providing you with tons of vitamins and other nutrients that candy doesn't contain.

The possibilities are endless. You can dehydrate virtually any type of fruit and thus have a wide variety of sweet snacks on hand all the time. Another great option is fruit leather, which is made by dehydrating fruit puree. This fruit puree can contain any combination of fruits you like, and even spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, or chili powder.

Dehydrated foods have a long shelf life, with no preservatives.

There are many benefits to making food last longer. If you have a bumper crop in your garden or find a great sale on fruits, you can dehydrate it all so it won't go to waste. If you store your dehydrated food in a cool, dark, and airtight place, it can last many years. Fruits, vegetables, and grains that have been dehydrated have been known to last up to three decades. With almost no water present in the food, no microbes will colonize it and it will not rot.

Dehydrated food lasts a very long time yet is all-natural. It doesn't contain any artificial preservatives. This is great news for people who like to eat natural whole foods and avoid preservative chemicals.

More Benefits of Dehydrating Your Food

The health benefits of dehydrating foods are not the only type of benefit. You'll also see financial benefits and added convenience.

Dehydrating foods yourself is much, much more economical than buying them pre-made in a store. If you love dehydrated fruits, trail mix, or jerky, consider making it yourself for a fraction of the cost. Another financial benefit is that, as mentioned earlier, you can pick up large amounts of food when you see it on sale and dehydrate it at home. By taking advantage of produce sales you can save a good deal of money.

On average, dehydrated foods are less than one-sixth as bulky as their original form. Not only do they take up a lot less space, but they're also a lot lighter. This means these foods are perfect for packing as a snack before you leave for work or school, or taking them with you on a camping or hiking trip.

Dehydration is the ultimate method of food preservation. What other method improves taste, portability, and shelf life while also potentially saving you a lot of money? Once you give dehydrating your own food a shot, chances are you'll never go back. Try an effective, high-quality food dehydrator from a reputable brand like Sedona®.


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