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Why Do People Love Cuban Coffee Machines?


The coffee culture in Cuba is not only unique but also popular around the world, with the coffee being richly fresh and having a distinct flavor. One of the reasons why Cuban coffee has gained popularity and acceptance is because of the brewing process. The process is not only easy and extraordinary but also delivers strong espresso-style coffee that meets the needs of coffee lovers. Cuban coffee machines, the coffee makers that are commonly used, convert sugar into caramel during the brewing process. The caramelized sugar is responsible for the distinct flavor of the beverage. Here are some of the reasons why people love the coffee machines. 


Every coffee lover understands the critical role that temperature plays when brewing coffee. While extremely high temperatures will burn your coffee, you will not extract coffee from ground beans if the water is not hot enough. These coffee machines work in an amazing way, brewing coffee that perfectly fits the desired taste. This ensures that you will enjoy rich flavor every time you use them to prepare your favorite beverage. 


Programming features

Depending on the time of day that you want to enjoy your coffee, you can set the coffee machine to brew the beverage at that specific time each day. This feature will impress those who like to have a cup of coffee once they wake up in the morning. The programming features of the coffee makers allow you to enjoy the convenience you need every day. 

Water filters

By filtering the water you use to brew your beverage, Cuban coffee machines deliver rich flavor in two major ways. Since the coffee you drink comprises mainly of water, filtering and purifying water will allow you to have a high quality cup of coffee. Filtering also gets rid of any impurities that can potentially reduce the flavor of your coffee. With this, you can keep the rich flavor intact.


Another reason why people love these coffee machines is because of how fast they brew coffee. When you are in a hurry or would like to prepare coffee fast, the machines will deliver the beverage in a relatively short period of time. Most of these coffee machines are 25% faster to make it easy for you, especially on mornings when you cannot wait to step out of your door. 

Brew strength

Having a coffee machine that delivers perfect brew strength lets you control the intensity of your coffee flavor. Depending on the time of day or day of week, you can modify the flavor of your coffee in order to enjoy every cup you brew. These coffee machines are designed to make it possible for you to make such changes without having to change your preferred coffee beans. 

Easy but useful controls

With the busy schedules that characterize life in the modern world, people are increasingly looking for appliances that offer them convenience. These coffee machines feature easy but useful controls. Versatile capacity, a start timer, a self-cleaning option and an auto-off button are some of the features that have made these coffee machines popular. 

When choosing Cuban coffee machines, it is important to be mindful of your individual needs. This is one of the ways through which you will enjoy the benefits of the coffee machines.


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4 Best Coffee Maker Designs

When it comes to coffee there are dozens of different machines and methods you can use to create the perfect cup. While personal preference does play a large role in the best coffee maker for you, there are a few popular designs that come out on top of the coffee world. Here are the top 4 best coffee maker designs to help you choose which will make the best cup of coffee for you.

#1 Drip

Drip Coffee Makers- Best Pricing At Digs-Home Goods

The drip coffee brewer is one of the best coffee makers, and also most common, on the market. You've likely seen these machines at work, at home, or even at some restaurants. Drip coffee makers simply require you to fill a tank with water, fill a paper or mesh basket with coffee grinds, and turn the machine on. Boiling water will drip through the grinds and into a carafe, usually on a hot plate.

Drip coffee makers are widely known for their convenience and ease of use. However, these features don't always result in the best tasting cup of coffee. Drip coffee makers usually lack control over specific water temperatures which affects the final taste. Filters can also alter the coffee flavor profile. The hot plate, while good at keeping coffee warm for hours, can often burn coffee leaving less than perfect flavors.

#2 Percolator

Percolator Top 4 Coffee Making Designs

Percolators have long been debated as being terrible or the best coffee makers. Percolators work by boiling water that is then sent up through a pipe that flushes hot water over coffee grinds. The water then falls back into the main reservoir, re-boils, and falls over the grinds over and over again. This repeated process can result in rich and full flavored coffee, but others feel that re-boiling coffee ruins the flavor.

Percolators are excellent for making coffee in outdoor scenarios such as when camping or hiking. Percolators are easy to use and hard to break, as they are usually made entirely of metal. Temperature control is important, but as the re-boiled coffee simply needs to be hot enough to bubble up the center rod, percolators are simple enough to operate on a camp fire.

#3 French Press

French Press- Best Coffee Maker Designs

The French press, also called a press pot or coffee press, has long been a top contender for one of the best coffee makers in the world. The simple glass container and mesh plunger make the French press an easy to use device. Temperature control is entirely up to the user as water is boiled separately before being poured into the press. Grinds are also a choice of the user, but coarser grinds are recommended so no particles will accidently pass through the filter. Brew times are subject to the user, with longer brew times resulting in stronger coffee.

The simplicity of the French press is clearly reflected in its price. Often times French presses are inexpensive, yet excellent tools for creating a wide range of coffee flavor profiles. The simplicity of design also allows gives the French press an elegant feel making it perfect for table pieces or decorations. The only complaint users tend to have is that the French press creates a more robust and richer cup of coffee. Those looking for lighter flavors may need something where coffee doesn't soak completely.

#4 Moka Pot

Moka Pot, Best Pricing Online

Lastly, the Stovetop Espresso Maker, otherwise known as a Macchinetta or Moka Pot, creates an entirely unique cup of coffee when compared to the competitors above to be the best coffee maker. The Moka pot works by creating highly pressured steam in the bottom section, which is then forced into the upper section containing finely ground coffee. The pressurized steam passes through the coffee then up through a spout before being ejected into a reservoir in the uppermost part of the container.

The resulting coffee is extremely concentrated, usually reserved for espresso or other stronger brews. Moka pots do require a bit of maintenance with rubber seals and filters but produce one of the cleanest tasting cups of coffee as the liquid is never re-boiled or reintroduced to coffee grinds. Shop Your Kitchen for the best cooking and coffee accessories to deck out your home.
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