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Where to Buy Home Décor: Vintage Shops vs Specialty Stores

If you think for a second that designing homes end up at choosing wall colors, think again. What to put in each room is where the action begins. While it may sound easy, buying home decors is actually a daunting task. Finding the best places where to buy home décor is a job that is not for the weak. It is an exciting task but it requires both a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

While it is much easier to shop online, there is that primal happiness in choosing things that you can hold and inspect in real time. You have two options in shopping for home décor. First, is buying brands from stores that sell home décors or get used items from thrift and vintage shops.

Basically, where to buy home décor is narrowed down to these two kinds of stores. The more appropriate thing to note when buying home accents is not where but the kind of design you have in mind.

Vintage and Thrift Shops

For designs that are more of the classic and require antique pieces, you can find plenty of thrift shops and vintage stores that sell pre-loved items. While it may sound sketchy at first because of the nature of the items being second-hand, there are a lot of interior decorators who do not discount these shops from their go-to lists when shopping for decors. These kinds of stores hold treasures that are worth keeping, they just need to be found first. Also, not all things from these shops are oldies. If you think about it, styles change every year so a lot of people dispose of their stuff through yard sales and in thrift stores. You will never know what to expect and it is quite exciting to find out what items you are going home with. So if you are looking forward to unique items with guaranteed low prices, then head off to the nearest vintage stores in the neighborhood.


Home Décor Specialty Shops

Now, if you are not sure about buying second-hand, there are shops that specialize in selling home accents. They can either be an entire shop of home decors or just a part of chain stores and malls. Go straight ahead to these shops when you want shopping to be easy. If your style is more of an upbeat and trendy, most items from these shops are the latest craze in design. They are usually categorized so everything can be found fast. They also have shop attendants who can assist you at the store. They are a huge help especially when you find someone who is not afraid to give suggestions.


You have the option to go easy on the job and shop from a décor shop or get down and dirty for a satisfying vintage store hunt. Where to buy home décor is also a matter of style. You will be surprised how much you will discover in yourself just by observing where your items are mostly from.

Listen... if a guy in his 60's can start an online store YOU can too!

Thanks for reading :)

Lots of Love :)



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