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Easy Home Decorating Tips: Choosing Fabrics

Home decorating always include fabrics as part of the entire project. What is home décor fabric if you may ask? Home décor fabric is the cloth used to make the draperies, upholsters, towels, tablecloth, and all other home decors that are covered with cloth. They come in many patterns or prints, styles, colors, and textures. Generally, home décor fabric dramatically changes the whole look of a room thus the importance of knowing how to choose fabrics for home decorating projects.



The first strategy in choosing home décor fabric is to find one that you love best. It would be great to start with something that you are really interested in because finding pieces that match the fabric will be much easier later on. Make the fabric the focal point of the design by noting the design elements like the texture, prints, and colors. When you are able to choose such signature fabrics, the next task of finding coordinating furnishings and accessories will be simple as you already have a specific theme in mind.



Another technique in having the best home decor fabric is by observing the vibe of the room. For example, heavy silk and velvet are both great insulators and will look fabulous on a formal room. Billowy linens, on the other hand, give off a casual atmosphere. If you want to play safe, cotton and cotton blends will match any décor style as they are neat and brings a calm feeling.



Next thing to consider is the print or pattern of the fabric. The rule of thumb in decorating is that patterned furniture and patterned curtains should never go together. If you already have elaborate furniture and accessories like rugs and beddings, choose solid colors for the curtains. Now, if you have more of the simpler, and muted colored furniture and accessories, going for printed curtains is okay. You can even have prints that are small and neutral like paisley or polka dots for a hint of texture but still remain stylish and classy.



Lastly, deciding for the color should be one of the key points in choosing fabric for a decorating project. Basically, you have two options in choosing color. First is to have a color that blends with the rest of the room. For example, a curtain that has the same tone as the wall and is a little bit darker will really look elegant. The other option is to have a fabric color that pops out. This is great if you are looking forward to add some wow in the design as it will serve as an exclamation point in the design. Either way, always consider playing with colors but still be consistent in keeping up a theme so as not to have a distracting design that doesn’t coordinate with the others.


When shopping for home décor fabric, also take note of how you will use it. Will it be for big pieces like curtains? Or are you going to use it for accents such as throw pillows and runners? Also, fabrics come in many sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and patterns. Entering a fabric shop for the first time might overwhelm you. To avoid getting swallowed by the magnitude of choices, it will be best to take note of what you are looking for. It will be easy to find the fabric you need if you have specific criteria to start your search with. This will save you heaps of time and effort in going through the bulk of fabric. Most stores have a catalog too which you can consult first if you don’t want to manually search for the fabrics you need.


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Decorating on a Budget: Find Gems in Garage Sales

Wondering where to buy cheap home décor is a thing of the past... IF you would consider purchasing second- hand items. Garage and yard sales may look dusty and full of trash, but the truth is that there are plenty of things you can find and use for a home decorating project. And the best thing about it? Everything is cheap so a little cash goes a long way.


Great Furniture

There are options on what to do with furniture that has lost its beauty through time. They may need repainting, a few repairs, or some revamping with covers. The point is that furniture from yard sales are on bargain prices. With just a little effort and creativity, you get to own unique pieces that will totally add personality to your home.


Cool Lighting Ornaments

Lighting fixtures can be made out of absolutely everything. From colanders to tea pots, vases, and even industrial metal items—they can be made into creative lamps by using a cheap lamp kit from a craft store. These kits are easy to use and you can convert anything into lamps in no time.


Decorative pieces

Most garage sales have sets of items that are missing a piece or two. A good example would be a tea set that has missing tea cups. While it will look odd to display an incomplete set, using the remaining pieces at empty corners would still look great. The idea here is to make odd pieces useful as a decorative item. You can have it at the lonely spot on the bookshelf, or make a lovely accent on the divider. Another example is incomplete plate sets. In fact, lonely strays are the best for a plate project. Of course you are not going to use it for dinner! Plates can look good as a plate display on the walls. Hang out some of the pieces for a lovely work of art. A sad looking and empty wall will instantly look alive with this idea.


Pieces that can hold things are also great finds. Keep an eye out for goblets, glass vases, milk glass, and bowls. Spray-painting them with a solid color can add a fresh look while also making them handy as candle holders or as flower vases.


Fabric Finds

Yard sales also hold nice fabrics. They are going to look nice as one of a kind table runner, pillow covers, and even curtain accents. Yard sale fabric may be out of dresses, sheets, and quilts. Just make sure to have matching colors or patterns. Don’t forget to wash fabric finds well and treat it for at least 20 minutes in the hot dryer.


Recycling and up cycling are the two main ideas that make garage and yard sale finds the best place to find cheap home décor. The creative possibilities from the items you will find are endless. If you got the time but have little money for a decorating project, then you can do so well out of garage sale finds.


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