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What Is My Home Decor Style?

Does trying to define and choose your perfect home style feel like trying to find your "spirit or power animal"?
How do you find your home décor style? You choose the pieces that “speak” to you. One approach is to find pieces that make your home feel like a luxury getaway. In other words, if it makes your home a more comfortable place for you to spend time, you’ve probably found a bit of your home style.

The look of rich, decadent style, vibrant colors, and living spaces that actually look liveable are increasingly popular. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your house feel like a lush getaway retreat. Use these decorating tips as inspiration for creating an elegant, extravagant living space that feels like home to you.

1. Copper

Metallic accessories always add a touch of extravagance to your home style. Chrome and brass are out; copper is the “in” metal for 2017, at least according to HouseBeautiful’s survey of Pinterest. For a look that shouts warmth and not industrial coldness, opt for the reddish tones and iridescent brightness of copper over dull, burnished metals. Consider copper and metallic mixes for accessories like lamps, vases, and decorative bowls.

Be careful not to go overboard with too many copper accessories in the same room, though. To add visual interest, mix things up by mixing copper in with other warm, bright metals. Try a touch of bronze, gold, or both.

2. Hygge


Say what? “Hygge” (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is the Danish word for coziness. To get the feeling of hygge, imagine being snowed in to a warm, comfortable home with your closest friends, bonding and sharing your innermost thoughts as you sip hot tea and wrap yourselves in soft woolen clothing and blankets.

3. Faux Finishes

Why shell out for the real thing when a convincing duplicate looks just as good? Faux finishes go a long way toward elegance without breaking the bank. Faux wood ceiling beams that won’t sag, warp, or rot give the look of a coffered ceiling, dividing an open floor plan into multiple cozy, just-right rooms without actually building walls.

If you love the look of marble but not the cost, marble wallpaper is a charming choice. For kitchens and bars, faux leather counters or engineered quartz countertops that mimic the look of marble are chic choices. For tile areas in the kitchen or around a fireplace, 2016’s subway tile trend has been replaced with tiles that mimic the look of wood. (They’re a lot more realistic than they used to be, so if you haven’t shopped for tile in a few years, you may want to take a look.)

4. Heated Floors

A floor that keeps your bare feet warm no matter the temperature outside may seem like the ultimate in luxury home goods. Heated floors actually save you money in the long run by keeping you warm using less energy than traditional heating methods (i.e. your furnace). You can have it all - the extravagance of heated floors and a lower energy bill.

5. Navy Blue

Bare white was a hot trend in 2016, but too much white makes a room look stark and bare. Add in a touch of color to your snow-white walls with navy throw pillows, reupholster a sofa or chair in a navy fabric, or go all the way and paint a navy accent wall. For extra richness, highlight a navy blue wall (or walls) with jewel-toned accessories. Ruby red, emerald green, and amethyst complement a deep sapphire blue.

These home décor tips show only a few of the ways you can turn any room in your house into a luxurious living space. If you trust your instincts and choose pieces that suit your taste, these home décor trends will help you find your style.
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Where to Get Cheap Home Decor Online

Cheap home goods help you decorate your home without spending a fortune in the process. Some people wrongly assume this word indicates a product that isn’t stylish, that won’t last, and that doesn’t add any value to the look of the place. Those are the people who are missing out on an assortment of phenomenal products. And by cheap we are not talking quality we are talking pricing.

Home Goods Designed to Impress

These goods for the home are items you’ve purchased from a discount retailer. Think Kohl's or Michaels etc.  You’ll find brand name items, trendy and stylish products, and modern goods up for grabs at discount retailers, with costs a fraction of the normal retail price. These items are in no way cheaply made, or items that no one else wanted to buy. Infact, these are awesome items that you’ll love adding to your home.

Shopping a discount retailer allows you the chance to purchase exquisite home goods that enhance the ambiance of your home without spending a fortune in the process. People are indulging in their shopping "addictions" every day, bringing home affordably-priced goods and a wallet with money left inside; now it is your turn.

Types of Home Goods

What type of home goods can you purchase at low prices? If you can imagine it, you can find it at deeply discounted rates. There’s low-cost home goods for every room in the home, whether you’re looking for décor for the kitchen, the kid’s room, or even the family room.

Some of the affordable home goods available to decorate the look of your home includes:
  • Clocks
  • Bookshelves
  • Art work
  • Electronic items
  • Picture frames
  • Rugs
  • Figurines
  • Plaques

This is just a small sampling of the items available at a discounted price. Who doesn’t love shopping in their jammies? When you know there’s  a good deal coming your way for items that you want and need for your home, shopping becomes even more exciting. Now that you’ve found the top discount retailer with low-cost home goods such as those listed above, it is time to take your home design to the next level.

Shop Online for Maximum Shopping Ease

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Choosing the best affordable home goods that you like for your home is even easier when you shop with a discount retailer online like US!  Enjoy the benefit of shopping any time, from any location in your home, with a broad selection of items at unheard of prices, when you choose to purchase home goods online. And, of course, shipping direct to your home is also a benefit of online shopping.

Low Cost, Affordable Home Goods Now Available

Embrace the word ‘cheap,’ and soon you’ll discover how easy it is to find quality home decor products at reasonable prices. People just like yourself are adding beautiful home décor and accents to their home, finding it low cost online. The result is a beautifully decorated home they love. Aren’t you ready to join the list of satisfied cheapsters who are finding the home goods they love?

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