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Make Money From Your Passion: Home Décor Business

 There are people who have the talent of making homes more beautiful. The craft of interior designing is not for everyone. There are schools intended to teach these intricate fields but it doesn't mean that only those who had formal training can be considered as interior decorators.



If you're passionate about home decorating and have piled up enough materials to build another home. Why not make money out of it? How to start a home décor business is only difficult at first but there are shortcuts that can lead you to success.


  1.    Determine whether you would like to sell all types of home décor, furnishings, and household items or are you going to concentrate on having products of a particular part of the house? If you think you are more interested in revamping the living room, then it would be easy for you to find items that will fit in there. You can start looking for paintings, lamps, rugs, candles, chandeliers, and everything else that will enhance the living room.


  1.    Focus on a certain theme. While it is safe to have all sorts of items to attract more types of customers, it will also help if you have a certain theme in your items. This is easier if you are still starting up so you can also focus on finding items that fit the chosen theme. For example, sell items that are considered vintage if you are into classical design. It is also easier to build and encourage loyal and returning customers when they know what items to expect from your shop.


  1.    Offer home decorating tips for customers. Since you are going to run a business, make it a point to interact with your clients. You will meet different types of persons and the only way to know what they like is by talking to them, encouraging them to tell you about their ideas so you can also share your own views. This will also be a great way for you to sell items that you know will fit their homes.


  1.    Make a portfolio by taking before and after photos of your decorating projects. Better yet, convert a part of your home into a mini studio where you can use your items to decorate the room. Let the customers know that everything they see on the pictures is available at the store. This is one way of showing them how the items will work in their own rooms.


  1.    If you are able to establish a name and have gained customers, then it is time to expand your reach and make the business bigger by connecting with manufacturers who specialize in home furnishings like fabrics, flooring's, carpets, furniture, and others. This will secure your place in the business even when some customers cannot find the items they want from you. Make them aware that you can look for such items or have them especially made straight from the manufacturers.



And the most important tip in how to start a home décor business is to never lose the interest to discover what’s new. Always have that curious attitude to learn. Observe how the world of interior decorating evolved through the years. Keeping tabs on everything about home decors will keep you excited to see what you can offer your customers. You can present new ideas if you are constantly updated and this will be your key to achieving their trust and confidence. Pretty soon you will have customers who value what you say and will constantly check for the best items from your store.


Listen... if a guy in his 60's can start an online store YOU can too!

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We are thrilled to offer collections of fine products from Compendium, Kikkerland and Umbra. Compendium offers a superb line of educational enhancement tools and excellent children's books that is second to none. With our Kikkerland collection, we bring you a range of things, from practical to quirky, that are great for gift giving or to buy for yourself. You'll be delighted by the distinctive designs of Umbra, which offers stylish and practical furniture and decor.

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If you're not happy, then we're not happy. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we take pride in having quality customer service. We'll keep you happily shopping for more, because we offer not only great prices, but free shipping on most items and on all orders over $100 in the Continental United States. You will especially appreciate our 45-day return policy. It's in the small details that you'll find how special our company really is.

Dig/s Home Goods and Housewares is a family-run business, just basically Chuck, Susan and a few helpers. It's these homegrown roots that give our company a great work ethic and a strong foundation on which to expand and develop. Our heart goes into our work, and it shows in everything we do, from the kind of products we offer to the kind of service we provide. Our customers matter to us. You matter to us, and your business is greatly appreciated.
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