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5 Cooking Pinterest Pages You Need To Follow

When cooking it can be hard to think of ideas on what to make, but there are pages that Pinterest offers for diets or just quick recipes for busy schedules. This article will list 5 pages that everyone should follow.

Live Well, Bake often

This is more of a baking page rather than cooking, but it still offers dinner and drink ideas along with all the dessert recipes. Live Well, Bake Often has many pin boards on its page for things like cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, dinners and they even have a couple boards that offer healthier recipes. This page is great for anyone whether they want a recipe for granola bars, dinner ideas or a quick dessert idea. All the recipes are fairly simple, so if you don’t have a lot of kitchen experience there is nothing to worry about. The recipes are colorful, fun to make and very delicious.

Kalyn’s Kitchen

Kalyn’s Kitchen is a cooking page that offers healthier recipes so it is good for anyone who wants to diet or just start eating better. This page has pin boards for slow cooker, low-carb, and even paleo recipes. Some of the foods that are offered here include chicken breasts with a Thai red curry peanut sauce, napa cabbage Asian slaw and paleo Mediterranean zucchini noodles. These may sound intimidating because of the long names but they are simple recipes that anyone could make! Overall this Pinterest page is great for everyone because of all the healthy recipes it offers.

Stockpiling Moms

This page is great for anyone who has a busy schedule. It offers quick, fun recipes that you could make alone or even with the family. The foods offered on this page include things like fried eggs and avocados, 3 ingredient ice cream and even zucchini pizza bites. This page also offers boards dedicated to meal plan prepping for those busy days where you won’t have enough time to put a dinner together, but rather just throw something in the crock pot and forget about it. All the recipes on this page are cheap so they won’t cost a lot to make.

Real Life Dinner

Real Life Dinner is a Pinterest page that offers cute and easy ideas for any meal. They have boards for sweets, dinner ideas and even a few boards for holiday food ideas. Some foods that are featured here include bbq chicken foil dinner, skillet taco rice dinner and chicken tortellini soup. The recipes on this page don’t sound fancy because they aren’t! This page offers people simple recipes for great home cooked meals that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

The Baking ChocolaTess

This page is more on the baking side of things, but everyone should follow it because it has recipes for anything and everything chocolate! Here you can find recipes for all kinds of cookies and pastries. There is also a board for strawberry recipes in case you need to take a break from chocolate. Some foods you can find on this page include nutella chocolate chip cookies, lime marshmallow cookie bars and also a strawberry danish. There are many easy sweet treats on here and all of them are great to be shared or just kept for yourself!

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If you're like me, you'll want easy cooking for two - here's how to do it

Kids all gone? Lacking motivation for preparing the top-notch meals you once enjoyed? Eating out too often because cooking for one or two seems like a pain? Missing the fun of cooking? Us too!

So, we found at least one excellent solution: Uchicook! Uchicook Uchicook. I love saying the name (I suppose I'm weird that way?) But Uchicook's Steam Grills are a wonderful solution to our cooking ennui. Cooking for yourself or for two can be fun and simple.

I can't say that their grills are an innovation exactly, but they are a finely honed twist on traditional cooking methods, AND will reduce your cooking time to as little as 1/3 of what you would spend without the Steam Grill!

Bonus! This is a healthier way to cook and you can cook nearly anything from vegetables to meat, fish, corn on the cob, to appetizers and sandwiches - and cook the whole meal at the same time!

I'm attaching some pics and a video link (below) that shows this exciting "technology" in action. The pics will give you an idea of what types of meals you can make in a Uchicook Steam Grill and the video will show you some fun things about why this all works so well.

We eat a lot of veges. Rather than firing up the barbecue for grilled veges, it's a heck of a lot easier to throw them in the Uchicook. Even better, we've put the corn, veges (guess what folks - corn is NOT a vegetable, it's a grain) and chicken in together for a quick but healthy, delicious and fast (corn usually takes 10 minutes, the chicken 12, and the veges up to 15 on the barbecue but only about 5-6 minutes on the Uchicook- and all done together -just vary slightly when you put them in) meal for two.

Fish is sensational in the Steam Grill by the way. It's so easy to control and oversee the time and degree of doneness desired.

Virtually any food that needs cooking, that you like, you'll like even more when it's done as tender and as fast as in the Uchicook.

In my store you'll find two styles of Steam Grills and color choices. If you have questions just click on one of the email links and I'll get back to you quickly. If it's urgent, call me: 855-972-4500

Chuck, The Old Guy


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