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Top 5 Home Décor Blogs Worth Following

Compared to most blog trends making their way across the internet, home decor blogs are becoming more and more popular every day. From holiday themes to custom layouts, home decor is becoming a trendy way to promote your home through blogs and social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. To help you get going on your own home decor blog, or to simply get some ideas to re-do your own home, here are the top five home decor blogs you should start following. 

1. Decor8

One of the most popular home decor blogs you should be following is called Decor8. This home decor blog was founded by Holly Becker, an author and a member of the lecture circuit. However, her blog can give you some great ideas on decorating your home, from top to bottom, no matter what style you may be going for. 

2. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is blog centrally based around hipster styles, with a variety of compilations from around the world. However, because of its hundreds of collaborators and followers, there are plenty of styles that will peak your interest, and may even give you ideas of your own to re-do your current home decor. 

3. Obsessilicious

Obsessilicious is created by Griffo, who is not only a successful graphic designer but also a fan of typography and modernism styles. His blog uploads a large number of photos every Friday called the “Friday Feast,” which presents all the homes he visited the previous week. Plus, on special occasions, he also uploads photos of his Swansea house, which has integrated modern styles that your home can take advantage of. 

4. Apartment 34

Apartment 34 is a great home décor blog to follow if you are interested in travel, beauty, and interior home decor. Not only does this blog have a variety of inspiration for you to capture in your own home, but it’s founder, Erin Hiemstra, provides unique posts that can help redefine your home design. 

5. Print & Pattern

If you are a fan of patterns and prints, then, as you may have guessed, this is the blog for you. Print & Pattern focuses on exactly what the title states, patterns and prints. Whether you like bold prints, bright colors, or cute patterns, this blog will not disappoint you. No matter the type of pattern or print, the bloggers who work on this site will showcase it. Patterns appear on paper, bedding, wallpaper, and more, so there is plenty of inspiration for any home project you may be working on.

There are tons of home décor blogs on the internet these days. These blogs are not only fun to scroll through but they can also provide a ton of inspiration for new home projects. These are five of the best interior design out there. Hopefully, they could provide you with a few new ideas to redecorate your home and get the interior of your dreams.
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