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Ways to Define Your Home’s Décor and Style

When it comes to finding your own home décor and home style, the process can be rather difficult. There are some things to consider when going through the process of DIY for your home. Answering some of these key questions will dictate whether or not your style is classic or contemporary, shabby chic or ecclectic. In other words, you might like something from the past or something from the present depending on other tastes you may have.

Colors to Consider


One of the first things to consider is colors for your home décor and home style. Softer colors, especially blues, are considered to be part of a classical style. Brighter, bolder colors are usually attributed to more modern or contemporary styles. Much of the same can be said for wallpaper options. At the same time, floral designs on the wallpaper are left for classic styles, and wallpaper that uses strong lines and angles to make geometric shapes are great for a more contemporary feel.

Materials Being Used


Some materials indicate one style over another, too. Wood is usually left to stand for classical styles. However, if you are rather adventurous with your DIY project, then you might want to consider going with metals and tile options. A mix of wood and metal is great for a blend of classical styles and contemporary décor. These materials really need to be considered with furniture. Metal stools would look great in a kitchen that has sleek, angular lines, but a wooden feel would pair well with tile surfaces.

Storage in Various Areas of the House


The types of storage used in various rooms throughout the house also dictate a classic or contemporary style. Closed cupboards often indicate a more classical style as they provide a stark contrast to the open air. On the other hand, an open-air effect with cupboards that are not closed off is a great way to rely on a contemporary style. This storage rule does not have to be applied in all areas of the house. In other words, one room can be more contemporary, and the other one can be more classical, which makes for a blend of the two styles. Some of this situation also relies on the arrangement of rooms within a home. If an open floor plan exists, then it might not be a good idea to use cupboards that are closed off.

Accessorizing Accordingly

 One key thing to consider is how to accessorize a room. This part is where colors combine into a true aesthetic with other parts of the room as storage. Furniture pieces speak loudly about a given style, so it is paramount to find styles of furniture and other accents that go with the style you seek instead of working against it. For example, a white room might go great with softer colors for a contemporary feel, but brighter colors like red and yellow might screen a more modern, contemporary style.

The Gist

When it comes to designing your own style and décor for your home, it is rather easy to feel lost in the project, especially if you decide to DIY. However, worries about these things can easily be resolved if you consider pieces of the whole instead of the whole piece all at once.

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