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Where to Shop for Home Décor? Should You Buy or DIY?

Are you planning to spruce up your home with some unique décor? Or maybe this is your first house or apartment and you want to decorate it with fun things while staying within a budget. If you are a DIY kind of person with a creative side, you may be looking for great stuff at really good prices.

It is possible to have that designer look and feel for a fraction of what you’ll pay at interior design and department stores. Digs Home Goods has everything you need to put a top notch home decorating project together. There is something for everyone’s taste. There is also the thrill of being able to shop in a real store to see the quality of what you are actually buying.

What’s Your Style?

Are you into sleek modern, shabby chic, retro, farmhouse appeal, or even nautical? Home Goods has trending home décor items to please any aesthetic. The variety is pretty impressive and the merchandise changes constantly.

For your bedroom there are sheet sets, decorative pillows, blankets, mirrors, wall hooks, and the list goes on. You can make your bedroom really casual and comfy, yet looking well put together with traditional and shabby chic décor.

You might want a nautical or beach theme in your bathroom. You can find towel sets in island colors and woven baskets to store toiletries.

In addition to small appliances, there are cool retro and contemporary items to accessorize your kitchen both functionally and decoratively. The soap dispensers, paper towel holders, wall clocks, and decorative bowls for fruit displays come to mind. If you are a home cook, check out the juicers, cookware, and Italian espresso makers. Your guests will be impressed with your well equipped kitchen, even if it is small.

For the living room you can go super modern with brightly colored sleek chairs, or opt for more of a country feel with rustically finished wood tables and oversized mismatched seating. Add some throw blankets, pillows, and warm understated lighting to complete the look. Of course there are window treatments and handsome curtain rods.

If you are lucky enough to have a foyer or mudroom, you will find a selection of small floor mats and rugs as well as storage shelves for shoes and boots. Consider the table top and wall mounted planters to bring some life into these small areas.

A Few Tips on Shopping for Home Décor

Before you hit the store, take a few measurements of the rooms you want to decorate or make over. You want to make sure the rugs and furniture you purchase are going to fit. Also, measure the width of your entrance. You don’t want a couch delivered that can’t fit through the front door.

Take paint color and fabric samples with you so that you can match the items you pick up with what you already have or have planned.

Shop the entire store. You will be amazed at what you find in the kitchen and house wares section that might actually work really well in the dining room or bedroom. You can always put something back if it isn’t working. And, get there early before the good stuff disappears.

Talk to the staff about return policies before you purchase. If you get home and find that something just isn’t right or fitting in as you had envisioned, you will want to have the reassurance that you can return an item or get store credit.

Most of all have fun with your decorating project.

I had fun writing this! Hopefully you can take action on some of this.


Chuck, founder digs home goods, home decor blog


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