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More ways to "juice" than I ever imagined!

When I say "juice," I'm not talking about the way that term is used on the street where it means Respect and Credibility (aka "Sauce"), I'm just talking getting juice from fruits and veges. However this Tribest Slowstar Juicer definitely has sauce! Many feel it's the best Vertical Masticating (god I love that word!) Juicer on the planet. In fact it's "juice"! (In street jargon: also means it's exceptionally good!)

[Juice also refers to alcohol - "you bringin' the juice to the party"? But of course that's not what we're talking about here either. Nor are we talking about the damaging and unfortunate "juicing" that's gone on in sports.]

What we are talking about is the kind of juice that's delicious AND good for you. If you've never had fruit and veges juiced together then you've missed a whole nuther thing! If "green" juice isn't your thing, then try your greens and fruits juiced together. There are a ton of recipes designed to make greens taste delicious - I know, I didn't think that was possible either! But a friend convinced me by bringing me absolutely awesome blends that were a deep and vivid green and tasted, literally, out of this world (at least out of my world!) Incidentally I have no idea what type of blender she used.

That's where the Slowstar Vertical Cold Press Juicer comes in: juicing your fruits and greens slowly to extract the juice is said to be the absolute best method for getting fuller flavor AND fuller nutrient value from those natural farm and garden goodies. The Slowstar falls into the category called masticating juicers because it slowly and thoroughly chews the greens to retrieve all the goodness that's there.

Here's a few things I've gleaned about juicers from my online reading:

For the majority, a slow juicer is the ultimate machine and is also the best juicer for leafy greens. It is the best juicer they can ever buy. In regard to this, it is not surprising then that many are now going for these types of juicers. Here are some of the reasons slow juicers are the champions nearly all the time.

The juice is tastier and thicker. Remember I said masticating juicers extract more nutrients and enzymes than centrifugal juicers. Even by just looking, juice from a centrifugal juicer looks watery.
You can store the drink for up to 3 days. So if you want, you can keep your juice to drink tomorrow, in case you will not have time for juicing.
There is more yield. Nobody likes to see wet pulp, it is extremely annoying. Thankfully, slow juicers are good at leaving pulp bone dry.

Here's a counterpoint - Disadvantages of slow juicers:

There is no perfect juicer out there. You will still find some short comings no matter how hard you search. Here are some negatives for the slow juicers.

  • Slow juicers are a bit slow.
  • Most slow juicers are expensive if compared with centrifugal juicers.
  • For some, the juice is too pulpy, although you can easily use a strainer.

Once more, here's a few things about slow juicers that might lead you to make the purchase:

Slow juicers come in two forms, single gear or twin gear. The way the gears work is similar in both types of juicers. It rotates at a slow speed of usually 80rpm to 160rpm [The Slowstar actually rotates at 47rpm!]. As it does this, the food is crushed, thereby breaking the cells and releasing a lot of nutrients and enzymes.

The slow speed is beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, it does not cause a lot of oxidation. This enables the juice to be stored for up to 3 days. With centrifugal juicers however, you must drink the juice within 15 minutes, otherwise, it degrades.

Since extraction is so slow, the gear is able to open cells and release a high percentage of nutrients and enzymes. Nothing gets damaged as with centrifugal juicers. The juice is tastier, thicker and it is more nutritious.

Additionally, there is less foam. The slow speed does not generate a lot of air which ends up being trapped in the juice. And since there isn’t too much friction, the amount of heat produced is again very minimal. Too much heat is notorious for damaging enzymes and nutrients.

I would urge you to do your own research - and then come back and buy a Slowstar.

Two important things to note:

1. Special pricing at $349.95 vs $379.95 only lasts until August 31 - only 6 days!

2. When you buy from dig/s, you'll receive FREE, the wonderful book by Jenny Ross called Raw Basics. It's 200 pages of recipes and insights into juicing and eating for maximal health. You'll love the recipes (at least many of them - I still can't abide beets in any form!) and the advice and insights that Jenny shares. The book sells on Amazon for $16 (Last I looked.) and has a 4 1/2 Star rating from around 25 raters. This BONUS is an Exclusive from dig/s!

PS: if you have not bought from digs-homegoods.com, please note that most items have FREE shipping and a 45 Day Return Policy - check the "Welcome!" pages for details.

Here's the link to the Slowstar: http://bit.ly/2bzJ5lo

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If you're like me, you'll want easy cooking for two - here's how to do it

Kids all gone? Lacking motivation for preparing the top-notch meals you once enjoyed? Eating out too often because cooking for one or two seems like a pain? Missing the fun of cooking? Us too!

So, we found at least one excellent solution: Uchicook! Uchicook Uchicook. I love saying the name (I suppose I'm weird that way?) But Uchicook's Steam Grills are a wonderful solution to our cooking ennui. Cooking for yourself or for two can be fun and simple.

I can't say that their grills are an innovation exactly, but they are a finely honed twist on traditional cooking methods, AND will reduce your cooking time to as little as 1/3 of what you would spend without the Steam Grill!

Bonus! This is a healthier way to cook and you can cook nearly anything from vegetables to meat, fish, corn on the cob, to appetizers and sandwiches - and cook the whole meal at the same time!

I'm attaching some pics and a video link (below) that shows this exciting "technology" in action. The pics will give you an idea of what types of meals you can make in a Uchicook Steam Grill and the video will show you some fun things about why this all works so well.

We eat a lot of veges. Rather than firing up the barbecue for grilled veges, it's a heck of a lot easier to throw them in the Uchicook. Even better, we've put the corn, veges (guess what folks - corn is NOT a vegetable, it's a grain) and chicken in together for a quick but healthy, delicious and fast (corn usually takes 10 minutes, the chicken 12, and the veges up to 15 on the barbecue but only about 5-6 minutes on the Uchicook- and all done together -just vary slightly when you put them in) meal for two.

Fish is sensational in the Steam Grill by the way. It's so easy to control and oversee the time and degree of doneness desired.

Virtually any food that needs cooking, that you like, you'll like even more when it's done as tender and as fast as in the Uchicook.

In my store you'll find two styles of Steam Grills and color choices. If you have questions just click on one of the email links and I'll get back to you quickly. If it's urgent, call me: 855-972-4500

Chuck, The Old Guy


Find the Uchicook product here: http://bit.ly/2bAPuKo

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